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The dentist is your family’s partner on the Bright Smiles pathway. Be sure to schedule regular dental appointments for the whole family. A child's first visit should take place before his or her third birthday. Due to the silent progressing nature of tooth decay and gum disease, early detection of dental diseases can save complicated, lengthy, and costly treatment. 

Most people go to dental check-ups regularly, their treatment may not be more than a maintenance cleaning or minor fillings Others who wait until the pain force them to seek treatment, increase their chances to need complicated, extensive and eventually costly treatment.  Your dentist will tell you how frequently you should come for checkups by assessing your individual case, by considering your oral hygiene, the type of restorations you have, tartar buildup rate, and the presence of any condition in your mouth that may need additional future treatment and requires observation.

Implementing X-Rays in Dentistry was a cornerstone in major developments in dentistry, it gives the dentist the 'super eyes' to see through the hard structures of the jaw bones and teeth to reveal hidden details and abnormalities. Nowadays, X-rays are used regularly to detect dental diseases.  Modern X-Rays machines use minimal radiation, and brings the benefits of early detection and diagnosis. 

The prophylactic cleaning aims to remove plaque pellicle, as well as "hardened plaque" and polish the teeth surfaces to maintain better oral hygiene. Plaque development is lesser on smooth surfaces, and renders a healthier mouth. Regular cleaning is an integral part of prevention and oral health.

Posterior teeth are greatly prone to decay if their surface anatomy displays deep pit and fissures. Those areas can be efficiently sealed to prevent decay from starting at the most susceptible areas (deep pits and fissures); this is of a greater importance for newly erupted back teeth in kids mouths. The photo above shows the fissures of two teeth on right sealed with the white material.
These are thin, protective plastic coatings applied by the dentist to the permanent back teeth (molars). They fill in the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the teeth where foods and bacteria can get stuck and cause cavities. Once applied, sealants can last for several years.

Researchers found that drinking water Fluoride can reduce the occurrence of tooth decay. This discovery led to the implementation of fluoride to reduce tooth decay. Fluoride works by integrating in the crystal that forms the tooth enamel, and render it less soluble by acids (which initiate cavities on the chemical level).  Fluoride is considered safe, effective, inexpensive, and of great value to children teeth.
Fluoride is routinely applied to kids teeth during their six month check  visit, and it also has some therapeutic properties to control sensitive dentin. Fluoride is available as daily mouth rinse over the counter as Sodium Fluoride, or in higher concentration as gel applied at the dentist, it is also available in toothpaste, beer, tea, fresh produce, and drinking water when added.


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