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Braces are generally used to correct the alignment of teeth. Braces are also used on straight teeth to correct the bite. Correcting malocclusion with braces can create a nice-looking smile, but more importantly, a healthier mouth. Braces and orthodontic treatment aim to improve the functions of the mouth such as chewing and speaking.

Braces can correct abnormal bite that might cause excess wear to tooth enamel, or lead to problems with the TMJ, or even obstruct normal breathing pathways. To many of these problems braces can be the answer.

How do braces work? It isn't the braces that move the teeth, but actually the wire that connects the braces together that have a memory to regain its programmed shape, and applies pressure on the braces. Pressure from braces is controlled by the gauge and the shape of the wire, and applies in a direction that move the teeth towards their ideal position. The design of the braces has undergone constant development, new and modern braces has made accelerated braces treatment a reality. Braces are now even available in clear or white color.

Treating teeth with braces employs other techniques such as teeth slenderizing aka Interproximal reduction which involves removing measured and minute layers of enamel to create space to align crowded teeth, and reduce the need for extractions.

See the magic in cases treated in our office by Dr Shashaty

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BRACES EXPRESS Utilizing smaller custom made white braces that are made directly on the tooth, and incorporating fiber glass bonded retainers, we can complete limited braces treatment on the anterior teeth during a short time. This makes it possible for many adults to enjoy a perfect straight teeth without worrying about long treatment time, and while wearing minimally visible braces.



Interceptive Orthodontic treatment Phase One is provided when a growing child is observed developing an abnormal bite, prompt treatment is often indicated to allow the jaws to follow normal growth patterns. By providing Phase one orthodontic treatment, orthodontists aim to resume the ability to develop healthy facial anatomy crucial for normal functions of speech, chewing, breathing, and TMJ movement. Treatment with braces might still be indicated when permanent teeth are fully erupted. In the first case an orthodontist would provide phase one to treat the abnormal cross bite of the lower teeth is observed when these teeth overlap the tips of the upper ones contrary to normal. Which was corrected. In the second case an orthodontist would provide phase one to treat the retruded position of chin and the lower jaw, Interceptive Orthodontic treatment Phase One is provided and the bite corrected, retruded lower jaw has been associated with posteriorly positioned tongue which can cause obstructive sleep apnea later in life due to obstructed airways.

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